Cindy Glovinsky, LMSW, ACSW
Psychotherapist and Author
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Welcome to Cindy Glovinsky's website. As a psychotherapist, Cindy specializes in helping clients with practical problems of daily living, especially clutter/hoarding and office workplace issues. She also works with adults with attention deficit disorder and helps clients to understand how their unique brain characteristics -- including giftedness -- affect what's going on in their lives. As an author, Cindy has published three books relating to her clinical interests as well as poetry and fiction in literary magazines. 
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Do you feel like a misfit in the office world? Do you dread coming to work every day? Do you feel overwhelmed by unrealistic demands on your time and too many paper and computer files? If so, you'll want to read Making Peace with Your Office Life, to be released March 16 by St. Martin's Press. You'll also want to visit The Office Misfit's Survival Blog.

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