Cindy Glovinsky, LMSW, ACSW
Psychotherapist and Author
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About Cindy
Cindy started out as an English major who wrote poetry and fiction, worked as an editor, and taught college English before she went back to school and established herself as a psychotherapist. She has two master’s degrees – one in English and one in Social Work – both from the University of Michigan - and she loves literature and writing as well as working with people.

 At present, Cindy has a private practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She also does long-distance consulting by phone and e-mail. As a social worker, she’s licensed by the state of Michigan, and belongs to the Academy of Certified Social Workers as well as various other professional organizations.
Cindy’s first job after graduation was at a small-town clinic in Belleville, Michigan, where she worked with clients of all ages – from infants to elderly - with all kinds of problems. While at the clinic, she saw many children and adults with ADD and eventually developed her own private practice specializing in adult ADD. This led to two other specialties: paper and possession management problems – including over-acquiring, clutter, and hoarding – and office workplace issues. Cindy has had training and experience as both an ADD coach and a professional organizer, developing skills in those fields that she has since integrated into her clinical work.

Meanwhile, Cindy has continued to write. As an author, she has published three nonfiction books with St. Martin’s Press as well as short stories and/or poems in Ploughshares, Aries, The Chaffin Journal, the Bear River Review, Plainsong, Barbaric Yawp, and the California Quarterly Review.  

Cindy also enjoys classical music. She graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy in northern Michigan and the University of Michigan School of Music and has played the violin professionally.  She currently takes voice lessons and sings in the choir at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor.

Cindy lives with her husband, Ira, in Ann Arbor and spends every Wednesday in Lansing with her twin two-year-old grandchildren, Charlie and Rachel.
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